Set in the year 2083, Restricted Area is a cyberpunk-themed action RPG where four unique and very different characters progress independently through the same narrative. As they do so, the story is revealed from various angles - refreshingly different to the single narrative form of most RPGs.

The game's accent is on both action and RPG. On the one hand, the action elements are delivered via fast gameplay, the controls are more direct and the player will also find some shooter elements - switching between weapons without entering the inventory for example. On the other hand the game delivers RPG elements via a discussion system with real choices, a storyline with surprising twists and a complex but easy-to-use attribute and skill system.

As an outlaw for hire, you'll be sent into dangerous restricted areas set in a dark and fascinating future world.


  • IRIS - the fastest and most powerful engine ever written for an isometric game. Two years in the making, IRIS was created especially for Restricted Area. Innumerable visual effects include: dynamic lights and shadows, rain, fog, smoke, dust, fire, water, explosions and reflections.

  • Advanced AI with group tactics which react to the player's strengths and weaknesses as well as the player's tactics during Gameplay.

  • Advanced combat system for fast-paced action. Switch between weapons during combat without entering your inventory. The environment affects combat: light, shadow distance, height level, weather and movement will affect your chances of hitting the target

  • A dark and fascinating future world similar to the worlds of The Matrix and Bladerunner.

  • A complex role-playing system: each character has access to standard and unique skill sets dependent upon which character is selected. 75 skills with 10 levels - 750 skills in total.

  • All characters have access to a vast array of combat weapons and can also boost their abilities with selected Cyberware and Bioware upgrades as the game progresses.

  • Dynamic dialogue between the characters and NPCs adapt to the situation and to the player's responses. NPCs and characters develop relationships over the course of the game which continue to change based on the player's responses and actions.

  • Unlimited computer generated sub quests and levels make playing each game a unique experience.

  • Co-operative multi-player mode allows 2 players to team up and play together.

  • Four totally different characters with unique skills and each with a detailed back-story progress independently through the same narrative; the story is revealed from various angles.

  • Complex role-playing system: Each character has access to unique skills only available to themselves.

  • Dynamic dialogues adapted to the situation and the player's actions.