As it says this bridges the story line of Resistance one and it's direct sequel. The tale starts with our hero being incarcerated for killing his own brother, an act considered to be treason. However he is sprung from prison by a mysterious woman and the main character finds himself being shipped off to Europe to fight those pesky Chimerans. What follows from there is the usual series of small skirmishes that form the body of the main campaign. Considering that this is the bridging tale between 1 and 2, this tale gives us some new hardware to take into battle. I'll leave you to discover the new tools for yourself, but one of the first weapons you'll discover, is a weapon that in it's secondary fire mode you unleash a disc shaped blade. You can also charge this bad boy up, so you can ricochet it off walls and take out more than one target. Across europe the battle will rage, and it's quite a challenging campaign, The first thing to get to grips with is the new control system. For once the left stick is not used to move the character. To turn left you press the square button, the circle button moves you too the right. Looking up (aiming too) is implemented through the use of the triangle button, to lower your sights, use the X button. The d pad is used to cycle through your weapons in your arsenal. This system takes some getting used too, and occasionally I found myself having to remember the left stick did not move the character and inadvertently found myself scrolling through my arsenal, taking shots when I really wanted to be dishing them out. There is an alternative control mode that resembles the original or classic control settings, but there are still differences so it does not act as a perfect substitute. So the controls although responsive, can cause confusion and even experienced Resistance players may find themselves turning the air blue from time to time. The battles though are every bit as intense as its big console counterparts. They are not as visceral as the main games in the series but the action comes thick and fast. Ducking for cover and firing from cover will come as second nature to anyone who has played games like this before. OK so it's no Gears of War, or Spec Ops The Line, but the game will soon feel familiar. So what else do we have here? Graphics are sharp and well defined. The Vista screen is a damned good screen and textures and details are well presented here. There is no frame rate issues, or lag on the multiplayer, and no texture drop out or pop up. The main character has a somewhat dodgy Hollywood typical cockney accent, though not as bad as Dick Van Dyke's character from Mary Poppins, granted, but it does make me cringe a little. The script though isn't bad and on the whole vocal performances are a-okay. The music score is dramatic and through the headphones you get the full dramatic effect, but even through the Vita's speakers it sounds reasonable. Gunfire, explosions and the crackling of flames sound top notch. Production values are high for a handheld game and show off the audio capabilities of the Vita very nicely. Enemies react to being shot, will roll and dive for cover and back up will arrive pronto. They will use cover intelligently and although they cannot flank you, they can set you up for some pretty heavy incoming fire. Watch out for snipers as well! So is it all joy and delight? No. The control system takes some getting used too, and even now it can throw me. The vocal performance of the main character is a little cringe worthy from time to time, and the dialogue is also somewhat cliched. The game however fits into the series nicely and it serves up a heavy dose of excitement and action. Even better yet, it comes free with Resistance Burning Skies, so you get two games for free. As the support act for the main event as it were, it forms part of a decent package indeed, so you cannot moan too much if it falls a little short here and there. I like it yes, but there are flaws in the game, but as an alternative to Burning Skies it provides a suitable diversion. I'll get a review of Burning Skies posted sometime in the near future. But as this game comes free with Burning Skies I cannot complain too much. It's a good game, not a great game, but good enough.