Relic Guardians: Complete Edition is the compilation of the Arcade Version and the Story Version + more in one single package!

Take control of one of the Relic Guardians and help them fight the Space Chaos. You'll fight the Chaos horde using a rock-paper-scissors-like system of turn-based combat. It's a simple system to learn, but tough to master. And with good strategies and luck, you'll be able to save the world!

Arcade Mode

  • Highly Experimental Mechanics - Explore Earth-1 by randomly selecting a time and place. Every run is a new sequence of events;
  • Play as 7 Different Characters - Every character is unique in their own way. Try different characters;
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Battles - Every action has a reaction, so choose every action wisely;
  • Items Galore! - If you're still feeling that the battle system is too luck-based, then try using items;
  • Collect Relics and Defeat Bosses - Defeating every boss can be a tough task, but don't give up!
  • Play Again and AGAIN! - This mode is made to be highly replayable, you can unlock new characters and endings for them!

Story Mode

  • Linear Story - It's a cutscene-heavy mode with a LOT of text, but if you're cool with that, there's an enjoyable story to be experienced here;
  • Interactive Fights - In between the cutscenes you'll encounter a few fights that YOU take control of the outcome!
  • Bonus Scenes - And depending on how you fight, you may or may not see new scenes, so even the story is replayable;
  • Battle Visual Novel - I must say again: there's a LOT of text! Even with some fights in it, the focus of this mode is to give you the story of these characters, so please enjoy it!