While people resent the new epidemic, more and more infected appear in hospitals.
Nick ran away from his home. The doors of insulator are closed to visitors, but it wont stop him. Nick is scared, but it's no turning back, he's determined to find his friend, his last close person.
Nick doesn't know what to expect inside, there were all sorts of rumors among him. Somebody says that the illness is turning humans into animals, somebody says that into plants, others thinks that all this is a lie of the state media. This place seems empty and dead when you first get inside. But if you pay enough attention to it's puzzles and riddles, it'll accept you as the most Dear Stranger.

Hirut Studio presents: "Refuge For Troubles. Episode 1: Dear Stranger".
Refuge For Troubles (RFT) is a 2D Point And Click adventure with Go And Talk elements. You can interact with the world through the cursor and Nick will follow your clicks.
The RFT story can be interpreted in different ways, any vision of the it is correct, because you can understand the plot in your own way. The events of the game can be taken literally and abstractly at the same time. We want you to feel the symbols and atmosphere, find the Refuge For your Troubles.