At Lightway Lines, we’re looking for the top candidates to join us on our maiden voyage to the stars. You’ve made it this far, but have you got what it takes to go even further, Recruit One?

Against the clock, you must prove yourself worthy of crew status aboard Lightway Lines by completing a series of challenges devised by the greatest scientific minds in space tourism.Good luck, Recruit One. You’re going to need it.

  • Explore over 20 varied and challenging environments.
  • Use your initiative to traverse deadly environments – one wrong step means certain failure.
  • Solve puzzles to find the hidden challenge and prove you’re worthy of the title of Recruit One.
  • Be the best – race against the clock to achieve 1 of 7 final grades.

Prepare yourself for the full Lightway Lines game, coming soon.Are you ready to prove to us you’re the candidate we're looking for?