Gaia is a world run by Kings, elite Peadovores, Banksters and Corporacrats who
conspire to undermine the health and wellbeing of the world and its inhabitants.
Join our adventurers on a journey to heal Gaia, discover the truth and deliver Gaia into freedom.

Rebellion Gaia is an offline one player, story rich retro role playing game.

Game play is 20+ hours of rich story surrounding mystery, adventure and war, in a damaged world that has lost its history and only beginning to reclaim its lost tech, where you can wield a Blade or a Blaster, go by foot, or by air ship.

You wake up in the flaming ashes of a crashed Vimana, you are the only survivor of the wreck, now suffering from amnesia.

Why did you come to Gaia?

where did you come from?

and why is the EMPIRE hunting you?

Find the others, Remember who you are, unravel the mystery and discover Gaia's many secrets.

Gaia is calling you, will you heed her call?

There are no swear words within Rebellion Gaia and its control and game play is basic enough for almost anyone to play.
40% to 70% ( depending on purchase method ) of all sales proceeds go directly to voice actors within the game.
each voice actor is an independent journalist and truth speaker of various fields including, banking and finance, hidden history, spirituality, activism etc.
In an age of tyranny if you want to keep free speech alive and support independent journalism then buy this game to support the truth.
you may recognize a few truth speakers voices as you adventure through the world.