Stefan is the Head of Non-typical Cases Investigation Department. It would seem a good position, but there are no other employees in the department, just as there are no non-typical cases. And the head of the detective agency is thinking about closing the department that was created for some unknown reason.
But as always, His Majesty Chance intervenes in the matter: a strange murder confuses even experienced detectives, and Stefan who was very successful to be at the right time in the right place, manages not only to find the murderer, but also to expand his department, hiring gloomy and silent Zhonkey.

From that moment on, the life of our hero finally turns upside down; the number of non-typical cases begins to grow by leaps and bounds, and they can no longer even be called non-typical – they are paranormal! Rescuing mermaids, trying not to go to the "better world", finding yourself in the middle of a battle of centaurs, trying not to fall under the spell of sirens – that our detective has to do!
Another case is to understand who Zhonkey is and what he really needs...

Game features:
  • 5-6 hours of gameplay
  • Original graphic style
  • Addictive detective story
  • N unpredictable endings
  • Bestiary that will amaze you!