In 2078, a super-intelligent AI, called Plato, gained unidentified conciseness and threaten human global control. Therefore, facing an immediate shutdown, Plato manipulated space-time, sending its conciseness across multiple timelines. followed by his android worshipers, once human slaves, Plato tried to take over the world by changing strategic history events. As a last attempt to stop Plato, scientists managed to duplicate his time stamps conversions and send troops of elite soldiers to chase him down.

What's inside the game:
* Early access to the game with included features, while more content will be uploaded, including heroes, weapons, and maps.
* VR room-based multiplayer, with currently up to 16 players per room. Planned to be extended to 32 players per room shortly.
* Play as human or as android.
* 5 maps.
* 6 heroes (3 humans + 3 Androids)
* 4 Classes: Assult, Support, Medic, Recon
* Item Stores