Key Features:

  • New movements and 5 super powers (names tbc):

    The Power Fist - Break through walls, locked doors etc...

    Grapple - Chain attached to a 'wolf trap' that enables Rayman to swing through the air.

    Super Helicopter - This enables Rayman to fly upwards.

    Sniper Fist - 1st Person view of Rayman's fist, powered by a rocket.

    Tornado - Causes everything Rayman shoots to spin to the ground.

  • 10 huge worlds containing 44 levels + mini-games.
  • Over 20 powerful enemies, including the savage Hoodlum, treacherous Knaaren and flesh-eating piranha.
  • New Rayman will feature brand new facial animations to display emotion.
  • New Rayman contains over 200 animations and 2206 polygons.
  • A fully realized, immersive world. Discover never before seen regions of Rayman's world, including the Swamp, Moor and Deadlands.