Ratten Reich - Dance of Kings is a game set in the Ratten Reich universe.
The project is a visual novel game. Through choices in dialogues and actions, an exciting interactive story in the world of Ratten Reich will open before the player.
The world of RR is immersed in a world war that resembles the first world war, and the main population is anthropomorphic mice, rats and cockroaches. The world of RR is inhabited by: rats militarists led by the Kaiser, who are driven by a thirst for power and expansion; unification of democratic countries of mice, the purpose of which is to maintain peace and stability; the empire of cockroaches headed by the emperor, which is going through not the best times in its history and is on the verge of revolution. There are two exciting stories to discover that will introduce you to Ratten Reich.
The first story is about a tanker and his detachment on the battlefield, the second is about two brothers who were spread out on different sides of this front. Your decisions will have a direct impact on the course of the story. The outcome of the characters' stories will depend on your choice.
This project is a small fork of the RTS game Ratten Reich, which is in development. The goal of this project is to familiarize people with the Ratten Reich universe.