Key features:

Travel the universe

Ratchet and Clank gives you an entire universe to explore in your spaceship, with many different weird and wonderful locations to land on, explore and get shot at in - including beautiful ocean planets, floating space stations and giant alien metropolises.

Inspect a gadget

To help you in your mission to thwart Big Bad Boss and save the universe, you'll have a range of cool vehicles and even cooler gadgets, including a hover-board and the extremely handy Magneboots. One of the coolest of all is Clank himself, as you can transform him into a thrusterpack, a hydropack and a helipack.

Weapons of mass destruction

Among the vast array of hugely destructive weapons you'll collect on your travels are some of the coolest ever wielded, including the remarkable Bomb Glove, the Bolt Blaster, a Suck Cannon, a mind-blowing Morpharay and, of course, the aptly-named Devastator.

A Clank's eye view

Some sections of the game also let you play as Clank, wandering about and viewing the world from the point of view of a small, intelligent but slightly weird robot.