Players set out as the owner of a recently founded up-and-coming railway company on the east coast of America. Technology and materials are still in their infancy. However, a research boom and the development of fantastic railway technologies are imminent.

Only very few towns have so far had the benefit of being connected to the expanding rail network. The financial benefits and increasing opportunities resulting from the most advanced transport at the time mean metropolises and powerful business empires can grow and prosper. By rail construction and trading the player can determine which industries will develop and which towns will profit.

The task of opening up an east-west route across the United States offers you the historically unique opportunity to be accepted into the circles of the powerful business elite of the time. Influence, wealth and power of the railway magnates will grow with each kilometre of track they lay.

You'll soon become aware that you're not alone in the merciless fight against the rough country, time and above all, powerful opponents. Players live American history, embedded in episodes full of intrigue, struggle for power and politics.


  • Singular mix of discovering, business and transport simulation in real time.

  • 'fog of war' creating a novel experience in a business simulation.

  • Real-time business simulation all in detailed 3D graphics.

  • Historical campaign with 10 varied and interesting missions.

  • Various game modes for long gaming fun.

  • 13 different professions, such as pioneers, Indians, or trappers for interesting explorations.

  • 25 historical locomotives with individual upgrading systems.

  • 22 expandable industries from farms to weapons factories.

  • 10 different wagon types for transporting 18 different kinds of goods.

  • Multiplayer via LAN or internet with up to 4 players.

  • 5 completely different scenery settings ensure a varied and interesting atmosphere.

  • Simple, fast game system with strategic depth and different game strategies.