QUAKE ARENA ARCADE rumbles onto Xbox LIVE Arcade, introducing the challenge and adrenaline rush of THE definitive, competitive first-person shooter to a new generation of gladiators. Frag up to fifteen of your best friends, closest enemies or complete strangers in six game types over Xbox LIVE, including 'Deathmatch', 'Capture the Flag', and 'Harvester' modes.

Humiliate your opponents with twelve brutal weapons including the Lightning Gun, the Chain Gun and the time-honored Rocket Launcher. With over thirty classic maps, twelve Xbox-exclusive arenas, HD and Widescreen support, and a brand new Single Player campaign... experience QUAKE like never before.


  • Enter the Fragfest: Supports up to 16-player 'Free for All' and team-based battles over Xbox LIVE and System Link.

  • Deadly Arenas: Lava-filled ruins, deserted military bases and the chaotic void of outer space are your battlegrounds.

  • Quad Damage: Over 15 pick-ups, power-ups, items and runes to boost your health, armor, ammo and abilities.

  • Become an Arena Legend: Compete in over 75 missions, challenges and boss matches, in your pursuit to defeat Xaero, the Arena Champion.

  • Claw Your Way to the Top: Check your standings against other gladiators on the Xbox LIVE leader boards and earn up to 12 achievements as you fight your way to fame.

  • Hone Your Skills: Create a custom bot-match in any arena, in any game type.