Pyro The Exterminator - is a story of a chaser in a post-apocalypse world. Your quest is to fulfil the contract on clearing a military depot from infections and deranged security devices.

Each depot floor is a unique level that challenges your logic and insight. You will have to solve numerous riddles before you can escape the labyrinth.

Most quests cannot be solved in one attempt.
The Exterminator will die again and again and this is how it goes.

How far can you explore?
How soon failures and frustration will lead to tying up tries solving the puzzle?
It depends on you.

The game is a riddle, a puzzle and an adventure in the same time.
The level of difficulty varies from soft, easy-solving first levels to hardcore long labyrinths that will require a lot of effort and patience from your side.

According to statistics almost 80% of players concede and cannot achieve even level 11.
Good luck!