Grab a friend.
Fight honorably...or not.
“Noble paladins never fight with an unfair advantage”

Thus, when two mighty paladins at last stand against each other, even with their kingdoms at stake, one would choose to fight swordless for the weaponless other in order to preserve his honor.

Made by high school students, Pummel Paladins is a retro, top-down competitive arcade game centered around local 1v1 gameplay with hand-drawn and animated original characters and monsters. Have fun outplaying and defeating your opponent by mastering the basic mechanics of pushing, parrying, as well as the utilization of the diverse environments, powerups, and monsters.Game Features
  • Fine-tuned PVP mechanics and physics.
    • Chargeable pushes that deal damage up close or by pushing into walls, traps, monsters, etc.
    • Parry defense that stuns for counterattack opportunities.
  • Over 12 progress unlocked maps.
  • 5 different items to power up your paladins.
  • AI monsters possessing distinct natures.
  • Be ready for random Easter eggs!