Strategy over sheer luck!

Project RTD is a Random Tower Defense PVP Game developed with the original editor of the custom map, ‘Random Tower Defense’ and the Ex-Professional Starcraft player, Lee Yun-Yeol.

Players will compete against each other, defending with randomly built towers or attacking other players by summoning monsters to become the “Final Winner”.


  • PVP ranked match (6 players Competition for Ranking)

  • Tournament (216 players Match on real-time)

  • PvP Friendly Match (2~6 Players Match by only Invitation)
  • General Match (6 Players Match with your friends!)
  • Duo Match
Duo Mode is for 2 players to party up in a PvP and fight with other 2 teams.

[Single Player]

Challenge Mode
This is a 40-round single player mode. The goal is to defeat the final boss.
There are 5 levels of difficulties and rewards for clearing each difficulty level.

The thrill of randomness and Strategic Tech Tree. Experience both in one game!

NGELGAMES is led the by former top competitive Guild Wars world champion, ‘Last of Master [EvIL]’ and is hard at work on producing a world-class eSports game.