With over 100 clubs and national teams, lead your squad to victory in national championships, International tournaments and the ultimate prize, the World Cup.

Pro Rugby Manager 2 features 30 incredibly authentic 3D stadiums and photo realistic players. Manage your players with a whole new training system and search for the future hopes of the game with an improved scouting engine. Shout instructions from the touchline with more conviction than ever with a mass of new offensive moves and suffocating defensive tactics. Pro Rugby Manager 2005 takes everything that made the original game a smash hit to a new level of realism and depth that all rugby fans will relish.


  • Expansive League Selection - Twenty five leagues and cups including the official English Zurich Premiership and the French Top 16 and Division 2.

  • Huge Club Selection - Choose from over 120 Clubs and 50 (unofficial) National teams including France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and many more

  • Four Brand New Leagues - Wales, Ireland, Japan and Canada

  • 40 authentic 3D stadiums (including the official Zurich Premiership and French Top 16 grounds)

  • Updated Game Database - all teams updated for the 2004/5 season

  • Brand New 2D Tactical Mode - Watch the match play out from above. Everything you need to control your side is at your fingertips in this tactical display mode.

  • New Attacking Strategies - more than 40 moves to set up attacks : switched pass, missed pass, blind-side move, ... For certain phases of play (line-out, scrums, ...) the attacking gambits are displayed with easy to understand diagrams)

  • New Defensive Strategies - Possibility to defend higher up against a player, to hit him with a hard tackle or to make a blatant foul

  • Stunning Graphics - New photo-realistic player modelling. Different player builds. New spectators that change clothing according to weather conditions. Instant replay on tries and drops.

  • Real world, real game - True to life matches with different weather conditions (rain, snow, night & day)

  • Multiplayer Action - 2 players can compete in real-time via Internet (Cyanide GameCenter) or LAN. Set up leagues via Internet or LAN over multiple seasons for up to 100 players and watch your progress unfold in style with a Worldwide online ladder system.

  • Play Fair! - Referees (displayed only at infringements) indicating infraction

  • Bring in New Blood - New transfer system, with player sign-on bonuses

  • Whip the team into shape - All new training system, based on fitness and earning of attribute points. The system takes into account fitness, as well as mental and physical conditions of player.

  • Look after the troops - Improved injury management. New injury system with appearance of recurrent injuries as well as aches and pains that prevent the player from taking part in a match

  • Keep your eye on the game - Give instructions as the game progresses in real-time such as substitutions of tired, injured or under performing players that will affect the outcome of the game.

  • Word on the street - New messages add life to the club context

  • New Graphic Editor - You can change the visual aspect of your player, morphing his body and his head from models.

  • New commentary - New sounds and more than 400 in-match comments

  • Improved interface - easier to read, more links and better ergonomics

  • Post-match interviews - Reply to journalists' questions on match performances.

  • Realistic tactics and strategies- Select your starting 15, assign tactics and strategies and watch them carry them out. Come up with your own advanced strategies allowing for limitless tactical gameplay possibilities.

  • Realistic and fluid animations - 400 Motion captured animations. Cinematic scenes when entering the stadium, applauding after a try, injuries and infringements.