Have you ever dreamed about becoming a pro player?
In Pro Player Life you can make this dream come true, and maybe even become a legend in the world of e-sports.
Manage your career, level up your skills, overcome your limits, and come up against increasingly stronger opponents on your journey to the top of the world.
To fail or to succeed, it is all up to you!

A legend is born
Create your character, customize his appearance, personality, and game style.

Train hard
To become a successful pro player, you need to work hard.
Level up your people skills, hone your tactical knowledge and teamwork.

Believe in your potential
Are you ready to stop being a nobody who plays just for fun?
Stand out from the crowd and get offered deals from multiple teams.
Start in an amateur team, playing on the regionals. But aim to gain a spot in some of the best teams in the world.

Road to Success
During your journey, you will come up against over 100 different teams, in dozens of competitions.
Stand out on the lower levels and chase after your success.

Invest with wisdom
Use the money that you earned with your paycheck and awards to keep developing your career.
Improve the place where you live. Have the best equipment.
Pay for courses and specific trainings that will help you stand out even more.

A solo star
Improve your world ranking, and face the best players in solo tournaments.