In total, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 will feature 56 sides from three licensed leagues, within its total of 136 available club sides - a huge step forward for the series. Similarly, the game will also feature more than 50 national teams, giving the player control of up to 4,500 of the world's greatest players. These bolster what is already being called the most advanced and realistic football game to date, with new gameplay additions including new free kick and penalty techniques, and moves individual to key, star players.

Other new advancements including a new dribbling system offering more control as players go one-on-one and try to pass opposing players, while crosses and cut-back passes can now be made with more precision. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 will also boast an on-screen referee for the first time, who monitors play and intercedes when tempers get frayed! The referee AI has also been further refined, with advantage being played for minor infringements, while each of the referees available will react instinctively to fouls and the flow of play depending on how strict they are deemed to be.


  • Master League mode expanded for more realism and team spirit!

  • Photo-realistic likenesses of the world's most famous players.

  • 136 club teams, including 56 officially licensed kits from Europe.

  • Enhanced dead-ball situations for more tactical options.