Konami of Europe's Pro Evolution Soccer series is rightly regarded as the pinnacle of console football titles, and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is certain to set new standards for console and PC football games. Befitting a series seen as the definitive football experience for any format, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 represents a mammoth step forward for the series, with every aspect of the game massively reworked, with new player models, on and off the ball moves and key additions to the Master League incorporated into the new game.

Every aspect of the game has been thoroughly overhauled and in addition to the series' renowned cup tournaments, friendly matches and a new, four-division Master League, developers Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCE TYO) has also added a 'Shop' element to the game. This adds additional depth to the series, as players accumulate points via the training and exhibition modes. These in turn can be traded for new stadiums, crowd effects, teams, players, strategies and hair styles, rewarding the player for prolonged play.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 has also undergone a radical aesthetic overhaul, with KCE TYO renewing over 80% of the in-game animations, and a new graphics engine allowing the greatest level of detail seen in the series. Combined, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 benefits from players that not only look identical to their real-life counterparts, but move like them, too. Similarly, the players have improved AI and ball physics that allows them to pull off moves specific to particular situations. As such, long-range drives are now more controllable than before, while players can flick the ball over a defender with their heel and perform deft turns to bypass oncoming defenders.