Building on the unique control system of its predecessor, PES 2009 expands on the basic concept of players controlling both the player with the ball and those around them. PES 2009 will bring the user closer to the game by introducing different control methods which cater for a wide range of play styles.

PES 2009 for Nintendo Wii will feature a number of key additions, with an enhanced shooting system offering more control while remaining as easy to use as last year's version. The development team has also reworked the defensive elements of the game, with more control over defenders and more ways to close down attacking threats. A new AI system has also been implemented and results in more sophisticated and intuitive movement from team mates according to the player's commands.

Despite these many additions, PES 2009 for Wii is accessible as before, but offers a more fluid and flowing match-day experience. It is a game that could only be produced for Wii and truly marries the unique control system of the format with the PES series' utterly realistic and addictive action.