Introducing Prison Architect: Psych Ward. For the first times, wardens can choose to open up their lockups to a new class of inmate... the criminally insane. DLC pack includes:

  • The Criminally Insane - inmates with new and varied reputations and traits, forcing players to explore new approaches to prison management.
  • Psychopathic Inmates - The most volatile and unpredictable criminally insane inmates have 5 or more traits and are branded Psychopathic! Keep a watchful eye out for these guys stepping off the bus.
  • Psychiatrist staff member - Hold consultation sessions to help support your prisoners' needs.
  • New room types - Who doesn't love their own space? Padded cells gradually improve inmate's desires for Privacy, Comfort, Safety and Freedom, as well as feelings of Suppression.
  • Breakout!- A new game preference setting which allows you to ramp up the frequency of prisoner tunnel attempts.
  • Two new Wardens- Hawk Hartman improves the performance of guards, while Dr Slugworth offers additional benefits for Criminally Insane inmates.
  • 2 new pre-built prisons and 2 new building plots to use in Prison Warden mode.