Feel what is like to be in the most dangerous jungles and dungeons of this primal world!

In the jungle is where you will find a widely varied creatures.
- More than 10 unique enemies.
- Every creature has a peculiar design with it's own behaviour.

Discover the mysteries of the most dangerous caves.
- Each dungeon has it own creatures and obstacles.
- Unique visual to every one of them.

Huge maps full of challenges and unique collectibles!
- You can explore and get all the rare collectibles.
- Unique atmosphere for each map.
- Each map has it's own enemies and secrets for you to discover.

Key features:

- Let's start by saying that you have the ability to literally throw a colossal magical bone in your enemies.
- A lot of items to collect and unlock a brand new mode and rare achievements;
- Beautiful pixel graphics with painstakingly hand drawn backgrounds;
- Captivating, weird and original fauna with creatures born from this Primal world.
- "Enter to Die" it's a game mode made only for the hardcore players that has mastered the game;
- You can add depth and richness to the universe of Primal Dungeon by exploring it's history in each map.
- Every jungle or dungeon contains pieces of the backstory of this unforgiving world.
- Controls are simple and accessible but with several layers of depth to master;
- Challenging, precise, visceral and fun gameplay.