Improvements throughout the game include a new slick and intuitive interface, improved tactics, and transfer system, and a host of new features. The game is hugely rewarding to play and delivers the full challenge of being a great manager. This means its not just handling players on the pitch, you will be responsible for their off the field activities too!

The tactical side of the game has also been totally reworked. Getting swamped in midfield? Then switch to 5 across the middle or bring on some reinforcements. Managers will be greatly rewarded for quick thinking and tactical changes. Timely substitutions will also be more effective, and might give you the edge in a tight encounter.


  • A superior logic system means a more realistic football management experience.

  • Improved interface and messaging system; intelligent information filters help present the stats quickly and clearly.

  • All the trials of the modern game - deal with players on and off the pitch, dodge questions from tabloid hacks and ditch troublemakers.

  • 'Ball Cam' gets the player closer to the action - switch tactics and formations quickly with pre-set hot buttons.

  • Play through 14 divisions across England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy - compete in 12 cups and pick from nearly 10,000 players.

  • Improved player scouting so that scouts will not only have specific skill sets that will help them find young or bargain players, but will also allow them to continually scout the next opponents as well as individual players and countries.

  • The player transfer and loan system has been brought into line with current rules and trends. It will be possible to offer players for sale or to be offered players by other clubs or agents.

  • Specific player training will be re-implemented and given a graphical iconic feel. The user will also have the opportunity to develop a training centre to aid player development.

  • The financial side of the game has been updated to cope with current issues such as administration and cash injections.