First Entry, Logbook, 20th July 1573...

"I am still wondering how things could have come to this. The decline of the Hanseatic League made my family's business harder and harder. Dutch traders flooded the markets with their wares and our journeys became less and less viable.

That was why I decided to seek my fortune in the New World. But to date fortune has not smiled upon me. Just how naive I was came to light at my first encounter with pirates. My sole fortune thus far was being able to escape in a small boat, after they left me on the sinking ship.

So now I'm here in a small town called Caracas. The last weeks have been spent making an old sloop seaworthy with a group of other sailors. Our first voyage is approaching fast and I'm eager to find out what the future holds: return to my native shore as a rich nobleman or find an early grave here?"


  • Detailed and easily playable game intro.

  • Choice of character: be a pirate or trader.

  • Create and manage production workshops.

  • Countless exciting missions to complete, from treasure hunts to annexing of whole towns.

  • Large game world spanning over 2500 miles x 1900 miles (4 x larger than Patrician II).

  • 4 nations, each with their own characteristic buildings.

  • Explore 60 towns and discover the secret pirate and player hideouts.

  • 3D sea battles with up to 20 ships.

  • Historic pirates and buccaneers.

  • Multi-player mode of up to 8 players via network and internet.

  • Resolution of 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 1024.