Get ready to break some eggs in this frantic multiplayer party-game! Ponpu mixes classic gameplay with new crazy mechanics, all packaged in one of the coolest art-styles ever seen!

As a herald of the almighty creator of the Universe – the Duck-God, battle it out with your siblings in an epic quest to save the world from destruction! 
Once you’re done saving the world, engage in frantic multiplayer in a range of crazy game modes with up to 4 players.

Bombs on!Features: 
  • A fresh take on a classic game concept

  • An epic campaign with massive bosses

  • Hectic 4-player multiplayer with three crazy game modes:

    Team Deathmatch – Last Ponpu standing wins!

    Coin Chase – Hoard the most coins before the time is up. Dragon style!

    Color Fight – Paint the town red! (or you know… whichever color you prefer)

  • The most epic egg-based arsenal ever witnessed!