Polary - is a casual game that will test how good your reaction. Orange targets appear on the playing field in a random place, your task is to click on them and thereby destroy, while earning a point. The difficulty is that different targets move in different ways, which makes it difficult to move the mouse over them. If you click past a goal, one point will be taken from you. Some targets are destroyed only when they are orange. Some destruction goals will take you a point. You need to click on other targets several times to destroy them, but the reward for such objects will be much larger. In the center is the goal counter on the screen, if there are more than 10 objects at the same time, then you will lose. In addition, if your score is negative, you will lose immediately and you will have to start all over again. How many points can you earn?


- interesting gameplay

- Relaxing graphics

- Pleasant music

- The effect of object physics on the game