Let's guide Poco-chan to the goal!
This game is a simple maze game.
Remove objects with a revolver.Concept of this game
It is designed so that you can enjoy it to kill some time.Features of the game
5 levels in total.
The maze gradually widens.
Objects can be destroyed by a revolver.
The game is more of a "to be able to shoot and destroy objects" maze than a shooter.Controls
W, A, S, D: Move.
E: Draw(or put into holster) a revolver.
Left click: Shoot a revolver.
Right Click: Aim target with a revolver.
ESC: Pause screen.
Options: Press ESC on the main menu.
The top indicator shows the goal.

The default is 1280 * 720 resolution and window mode.
Press ESC on the main menu to display the options.
To clear the options screen, press ESC again.