For the first time ever, the monkey-chasing mayhem of PlayStation's beloved Ape Escape franchise comes to PlayStation3 in PlayStation Move Ape Escape. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, this all-new downloadable adventure delivers another franchise-first by introducing PlayStation Move motion control functionality. Accessible for gamers of all ages, this fun-filled romp utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera to allow players to scoop, swat and target trouble-making monkeys.

Chaos ensues when a UFO crash-lands and monkeys mysteriously begin to appear, wasting no time in making mischief. Players must cross between the past and present in pursuit of Specter, the leader of these monkey invaders. Along the way, players will utilize a wide variety of gadgets to capture all of the mischievous monkeys in order to thwart the ape invasion.


  • Experience Monkeys on the 'Move': Anyone can pick-up-and-play this original adventure, designed exclusively for PlayStation Move.

  • Explore Wacky Monkey-Chasing Settings: PlayStation Move Ape Escape offers 15 diverse levels, featuring settings ranging from a backyard to an amusement park.

  • Mini-Games: Players can unlock three madcap mini-games including Mecha Tag Rally, Aim, Slingsnipe! and Sprayzer Defense Force! Each game uses the PlayStation Move motion controller in a unique way and provides a fun change of pace from the story mode.

  • Track Captures: There are over 500 monkeys for players to capture and keep track of in their very own "Monkeypedia".

  • Become Part of the Game: The PlayStation Eye camera allows players to record their voices and incorporate them into the game.