Plastris is a puzzle game about filling in all blocks on the screen. There are two tools at your disposal, which have different shapes. The first one is used to fill in the blocks it overlaps and another removes everything from the ground it touches.

It is a hyper casual experience, aimed at people who want to sit down and simply relax. You can skip any area you don't like and revert the last action as many times as you want. There is nothing the game can possibly "punish" you for.

There are a total of 150 puzzles in the game and you are free to determine their order. The difficulty of aforementioned levels ranges from "easy" to "slightly challenging", which makes Plastris a great introduction to puzzle games, even if you have never experienced this genre before.

Last but not least, Plastris itself is a mystery to be unraveled. Everything in the game is represented with the help of symbols, so you won't find any text in it.

Come challenge your mind today!