PlanetSide promises to be outstanding in terms of quality. It is a persistent, virtual universe, represented by a planet divided into several continents. On this planet, thousands of online gamers will play the role of mercenaries from different rival Empires contesting for supremacy. Conflicts take place within a wide variety of environments, ranging from an ice desert to arid lands, where Commanders assign missions to other players, with the aim of taking control of rival technology bases... by any means possible.

Each player is free to carry out missions independently or as part of a team or larger battle group. A wide selection of weapons, special equipment and military ground and air vehicles made available by their empire will assist them in their tasks.

Finally for an even greater level of player involvement and immersion, all players can develop their characters with specializations and certification which will open a path to more game play options.


  • Massively multi-player FPS.

  • Player roles to fit the situation, ie. join a team to conquer territory, fortify a base against attack, or support any offensive or defensive maneuver.

  • Character development and advancement through ranks.

  • Team tactical combat for control of planetary regions, with real-time updates on control of territory.

  • Seamless worlds on a massive scale with large indoor environments.

  • Real-time weather and environmental factors.

  • Full team support.

  • Vehicle physics and flight model.