Planeta is a planet-building game where you can create and customise your planet as you wish! In the start you will start from the blank planet only water surrounding it. You will have to build your planet. Main goal is to create conditions for humans to live and build a rocket ship and fly to the moon!

5 Main things in the Game!

Life Points - Shows how many life points your planet has. Also it can help dealing with pollution.
Money - By spending money you can build various objects to your planet
Animal Points - Reaching enough animal points humans can start living.
Humans - Allows you to accommodate your planet with humans.
Pollution - If pollution is higher than Life points your planet will die!

There are over 70+ Objects that you can build in the game!
You can't build everything from the start. You will have to take evolution process to build more advanced animals and plants.

This is your Planet and you can create it like you wish!