Pixel Skater is a fast-paced skateboarding game that takes arcade skating to another level!


Fluidly combo through levels using precise controls, going from rooftop to rooftop gaining hundreds of thousands of points. Think you can squeeze out a little more balance? Better not fall!

Off Board Platforming:

Extend the control you have over your skater by getting off your board during combos or while doing some good ol' platforming.

Advanced Level Editor:

Pixel Skater's Level Editor has up to 6 layers to edit.
3 Layers are behind the skater, 3 layers in front.

This makes for a unique depth where you can stack tiles to make indoor areas, pillars you can go behind, and anything else you can dream up! Given there are nearly 200,000 editable tiles, over 1000 objects to place, and an attribute system that allows you to change how each tile interacts with the skater...the possibilities are endless!

Now that we took care of the big ticket items, here's a quick list of everything Pixel Skater has to offer:

Main Features:
Story Mode - Unique characters, silly humor, and tons of unlockables!
Mission Mode - Fast paced goals on a time limit
Challenges - Unique puzzles to test your wits
Highly detailed level editor
Custom Skater Creator

8 Player Online Features:
Trick Attack
King of the Hill
Capture the Flag
Goal Attack
Hide N Seek
Online Multi-player level editing and sharing
In game text chat system

Level Editor Features:
Nearly 200,000 editable tiles
6 layers to place tiles; 3 foreground and 3 background
Over 1,000 objects to choose from
Ability to set your own attributes (ramps, rails, etc) on any object you want!
Custom color options - great for making pixel art!
Quick toolbars and shortcuts for easy editing
Level sharing with friends online

Free updates after release, including more game modes, clothing options, level editing tiles, and more!