Pity Pit

Genres: Action , Action Adventure , Puzzle , Platformer
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Pity Pit is a procedural 2D platformer about digging blocks, crafting powerful tools & dangerous bombs, reaching the core of the Earth to defeat the Devil and rescue Gwendalina!

-2D platforming action;
-Procedural Caves;
-Collect Ores
-Craft tools;
-Pickaxes and shovels;
-Random Powerups;
-More Bombs;
-5 Levels of Hardcore Challenge;

You are Oratio, you are a Dwarf, and you like to hang-out around the mine with your wife Gwendoline !
( Yeah, mines, what a place to spend time at! )
Suddenly, the Devil Johnson spawns from a nearby pit, and kidnaps Gwendoline !
It has happened all so quickly but you had enough time to imprint in your mind the Devil's butt-chin!!!
Grab a pickaxe and you jump into the pit!
It's rescue time!