In 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - the game, you assume the role of a freelance captain who becomes caught in a struggle for power in the 17th century.

At the start of the game, you witness French forces invading an English island. Sailing away to avoid harm, you set course for a nearby English colony to inform the English governor of the bad news.

Upon reaching the island, the English governor decides to enlist you to infiltrate the captured island as a spy for the English to see what you can discover about the French invasion force and their future plans.

Thus begins your adventure...


  • An epic role-playing game on land and at sea.

  • Play as 5 countries inc. England, Portugal, Holland, Spain, and France.

  • Gorgeous graphics and realistic weather effects includes storms, waterspouts.

  • Explore entire towns and islands, including jungles, caves, and smuggler's dens.

  • Exciting high seas battles and thrilling duels inspired by the feature film coming July 9th.