A chance encounter with an old sea-dog and the legend of a fantastic treasure - Thus begins an epic adventure for the 'Seven Keys of the Seven Seas'! In an era when Britannia ruled the waves and pirates terrorized the oceans, the legend of Blackbeard's treasure and the Seven Keys has seen many a pirate to an early grave with their fabled curse and tales of an agonizing death for those that dare to pursue them. Faced by the prospect of such a death should you fail, and with the allure of untold riches should you succeed, your adventure begins!

Steel yourself to face foes that no captain has ever bested before and lived to tell the tale including the might of the Royal Navy, the legendary and deadly Kraken, a Witch Queen and Blackbeard himself. Collect weapons, recruit crewmen, amass great riches and journey through unchartered waters on your quest for the fabled Keys.


  • 70 unique levels - 35 single player and 35 multiplayer & Skirmish levels.

  • Single player 'Story' mode and 'Skirmish' mode with players battling 2-3 AI opponents.

  • 'Salty Sea Dog' multiplayer mode for 2-4 players, single-cart or multi-cart.

  • Three types of ship available to captain, each one representing a different difficulty setting.

  • Seven locations across the globe to sail including Porto Bello in South America, Port Royal in the Caribbean, The Bermuda Triangle, the China Sea and the Persian Gulf.

  • An array of cannon-blazing sea battles against a variety of enemies including rival pirates, the Spanish Navy, Blackbeard, The Kraken and a Chinese Dragon.

  • Discover buried treasure allowing you to hire additional crew members and pay for ship repairs.

  • Unearth enchanted Inca gold that creates a magical protective aura around your ship.

  • Flotsam and Jetsam - assorted cargo that you can trade for gold.

  • Classic ship weaponry - fight your sea battles using the tried and tested arsenal of a sea-faring pirate including cannons, sea mines, rockets and chain shot.

  • Rescue castaways - four types of castaway to rescue in the game, each one improving the performance of your ship including 'Lookout', 'Navigator' and 'Master Gunner'.