Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges of Vibrant Valley?

Phaser presents a unique take on the 2D-platformer formula by allowing you, the player, to take control of each level. By learning the power of color-switching, you will be able to phase in and out challenging obstacles from your path, find new and creative ways to victory, and avoid otherwise certain death.

In this world, you will face both tests of speed and cunning. Some levels demand a snappy reaction time while others require careful thought and consideration. Nothing is as simple as it may seem.

Continue striving to do better with achievements and trackable stats. Best time and lowest deaths are recorded for every level. Keep mastering each level for endless replayability.

Having trouble on a level? Enter practice mode and play any level for a more casual way to hone your skills.

Enjoy hours of unique and exciting platforming gameplay and see if you have the skill to be a phaser.