Earth is gone. The only remains of humanity are kept alive in cyberspace afterlife.

Only the wealthiest individuals uploaded their souls into the hedonistic binary abyss.

Their servers maintained by the working class software living in sub-level decaying pixels.ITS TIME TO END THE AFTERLIFEINTENSE LOCK-ON ROGUE-LIKE COMBAT
  • Experience fast-paced arena-shooter combat with unique lock-on aiming system
  • Fight in hand-crafted arenas with procedurally generated permutations
  • Engage in combat against the deadly Cyber Security Task Force bots

  • Find weapons and modify them with random loot that emphasizes player skill!
Communicate directly with the developer and fans of the game on the offical discord!OPEN DEVELOPMENT
See how the game is made by watching developer live-streams on Twitch that include level design, programming, art, and sound creation!