DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS strategically on the BOARDGAME and in a dozen MINI-GAMES. 2-4 Players. NO DICE ROLLS. Dedicated servers. Fast games (20 minutes total)! Use crazy items to COMBO to victory!

100% Strategy and Skill

No dice rolls. Choose where you move. Top place finishers in mini games go first.

Items with real affect on the board. Combo Items for Maximum Impact

Bomb someone into a spike trap. Push them off a ledge. Lay traps to block your opponent's plans. The board game is entirely under your control.
Out think your opponents to win.

Crazy, Skilled, Strategical Mini Games

Gone are single player mini games dressed as multiplayer. In Party Arena, every game is a real PvP experience. Outplay your opponent, not the AI.

Dedicated Servers

Stop losing because someone else is hosting.

About Us:


Just a team of 2. Same ol' story: we quit our jobs and lived off of savings for the past year to make this game. Any support will help us be able to keep updating content. Please be kind and forgive us for bugs or gameplay imbalances. You can tweet at me, or post in discord and we'll get things fixed in the next update.

Please tell us what features you would like to see next. If you have an idea for a mini game or item let us know!