This game is still on the Development!


Parakacuk is a third person action adventure game where you play as Budi, a new transfer student at 69 City Jancuk High School.
With the main problem in this school where the school is controlled by a group of gangs from each group in the school.
Help Parakacuk, your own gang to beat other gangs and become the ruler of the school!

Budi's first day at his new school which should be free from the past at his old school,
instead it got worse with the various problems he had been through since the first day of school,
With the intention of taking revenge against another gang at school, Budi and his classmates form their own gang called Parakacuk.

  • An intense Teenagers story with a school theme.
  • Explore a brutal school set in the Indonesian state.
  • Beat up another gangs.
  • Create your own love story at school.
  • Solve various mysteries at school.
  • Strengthen your Budi as you play.