King Alexander XI is dead, and without heir.

Your parents want you to be that heir. Luckily for you, there's totally an ancient tradition for electing a new ruler in times like these: simply lock eight children of royal blood (or the closest thing) in Castle Elsinore, complete with the ghosts of past rulers, and let them manipulate the living heck out of each other and the local population! Two shall rise above the rest: King and Queen (or Queen/Queen, King/King, King/Nobody, Queen/Nobody)! Everyone else that is still alive gets to go home! It's a win-win for everyone (except those that died)!Features
  • Battle eight different candidates! Sabotage or help them!
  • Decide what skills you want to learn as a potential ruler!
  • Part strategy, part dating sim, all royal bloodbath!
  • A variety of paths to go down, depending on what you do in the game! Who do you romance? Who do you backstab? Who do you romance and then backstab?
  • Invading armies? Political debates? It's all in here!
  • Direct continuation of the story started in Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date?, but completely separate from Furry Shakespeare and Dinosaur Shakespeare! Telling you why would be spoilers. Also, just a perfectly good stand-alone story!