"Panzerkrieg" is a unique real-time strategy game that places you in command of German, Soviet and Allied armies. It combines unparalleled game depth and ease of use with historical accuracy.

"Panzerkrieg" is the semi-official sequel to the highly acclaimed "Blitzkrieg - Burning Horizon" game.

Three story-driven single-player campaigns will let you experience the intensity of World War Two battles to a tactical depth never seen before. Engage the enemy across Europe, from Poland and France to the Eastern front of Sevastopol, Stalingrad and the Korsun pocket!

Authentic Weapons! 38 service branches and more than 350 animated 3D units are in your hands. Command the double-turreted Panzer Draisine train wagon, T-34 Flakpanzer, T-28 heavy tank, Hotchkiss H-39, Marder I, Sturmgeschutz IV with AA-MG and the Soviet 30.5cm twin-gun coastal battery amongst many others.

Authentic Battlefields! Over 35 battlefields based on authentic WWII locations in Northern France, Poland, Crimea, Russia, North Africa and Singapore

Authentic Commanders! Take command of your forces as an infamous commander such as Field Marshall von Manstein, Panzer Commander Baeke or Marshal Zhukov.

Unique Career Structure! Decide to be a general of the Panzer troops, Panzergrenadiers or Panzerjaegers. The decision you make will decide the challenges you will encounter throughout the German campaign and what forces you will command to fight them.

Three Classes of Core Units! Enhanced Vehicle Tactics! A whole new series of core units: heavy anti-mine clearing vehicles steam-roller their way through mine fields, flamethrowers burn pillboxes to the ground, self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery secures your advancing tanks against ground attack planes

Deadly Struggle! Engage the most cunning and intelligent enemies ever seen in an RTS game. An enemy that will develop its own tactics, launch airborne assaults, covert commando operations, mine clearing, spearhead attacks, and battles of encirclement and annihilation.

Completely Destructible Environment: Use buildings and terrain to your advantage. Church spires provide increased views, pontoon bridges and fords open up new ways of advance, air raid shelters defend infantry against death from the skies, secure hide-outs are the bases for commando raids, and enormous fortresses have to be besieged.

The Sound of the war! A renowned team of composers who previously worked for famous games and Hollywood movies have contributed the great orchestral sound of "Panzerkrieg"

You have Control! Thanks to the established "Blitzkrieg" gaming system practised by some one million players, both beginners and advanced players can easily take command of large numbers of troops and other units and develop their own strategies and tactics.

Multiplayer combat: test your skills head-to-head with up to 16 other players via LAN and Internet.