In the event of a global pandemic, would your priority be preserving lives or saving the economy? Or do you perhaps believe that you could handle both?

Pandemic Crisis simulates the emergence of a new and highly infective virus and gives you sole control of the effort to prevent the virus from causing the complete downfall of civilization as we know it.

To limit the spread of the virus, you can issue recommendations to avoid crowds, close schools, suspend air travel or even borders, enforce complete or partoal curfews and so on, for each of the 171 countries and territories represented. You will also be able to focus research on new or existing vaccines and antivirals and even take some action to boost the short term economy, in order to prevent a financial disaster on top of the virological one.

The options available to you will vary somewhat, depending on the government type and authoríty level (and respect for human rights) in each country or territory. The virus will also behave somewhat differently in different countries, depending on levels of sanitation, healthcare, population density, urbanization and several other factors that would affect the virus' ability to spread. Some actions will have better effect in certain countries than in others.

Each action you take will have some drawbacks, however. Closing a country completely and enforcing a 24/7 curfew might prevent new infections almost completely among the general population in a certain country, but how would it affect the economy? And would the population stick to the rules imposed on them?

Well, it's time to find out!

Pandemic Crisis uses real world population and economic statistics as far as possible and best estimates where official (and trustworthy) facts are not available.