Ever fancied yourself as the new Van Gogh? Or how about Gould? Test your artistic skills and let your imagination and creativity shine through with Paint by DS! Swap your pencil and paintbrush for your DS stylus and re-create some of the art-world's most timeless classics like Hokusai's "The Waves" or Cezannes "Le Golfe de Marseille".

Select your paintings from three different difficulty levels and you will be able to find the perfect level for your ability. When you aren't busy painting your masterpiece, you can unlock more tools, canvases and frames by completing a multitude of mini games! You can also display your finished pièce de résistance in your own gallery to enjoy over and over again.


  • Recreate classic pieces of artwork and still life images on your DS.

  • Use the DS Stylus as your painting tool.

  • Use a selection of tools including watercolour, oil paints and pencils.

  • Save your masterpieces to your own personal gallery.

  • 15 classic pieces of artwork available for you to reproduce.

  • Unlock a selection of additional items, new frames and canvases.

  • Compete in mini games to improve your skills.

  • Up to 40 hours of game-play.