It's PAC-MAN's Birthday Party and you're invited! Set in the theme of a birthday party, PAC-MAN stars in this game packed with more than 50 exciting mini-games, challenges and surprises. With something for everyone in the family, this Party is packed with non-stop action for one and all -from nostalgic gamers, to kids who are new to PAC-MAN FEVER!


  • The first party game for the Nintendo 3DS - Jump into mini-games and challenges designed for up to 4 players, geared for all ages. Players use their skills and reflexes to compete against one another as they move about several unique virtual game boards.

  • New Hardware, New Gameplay - Brand new party games developed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system's motion sensor, gyro sensor, 3D Screen, Touch Screen controls and more!

  • Features more than 50 exciting mini-games - Play fun filled time-based trials based on themes such as racing, eating, or even rolling a giant ball of spaghetti!

  • Four Modes of Play:

    - Story Mode - Help Mr. Cookie save his secret recipe! The Ghosts are out to get you, haunting your every move across Story Mode. Play mini-games and meet characters along the way!

    - Mini-Game Mode - A quick fix for those wanting the sudden rush of competition.

    - Party Mode - Up to 4 players can compete for Cookies across any of the game boards presented in Story Mode.

    - Collection Mode - Review the conditions to unlock cool rewards!

  • Added Bonus - Includes the original arcade versions of PAC-MAN, Galaga and Dig-Dug.