Orb Overload is a platformer that focuses on oxygen management to keep you on the run! Look, its easy. Dodge the obstacles, fix your space-rocket, go to the next planet and repeat! From earth to even the end of space, you will travel on them all! Everytime you disconnect from an orb you have about 10 seconds to survive. Get to the next orb or jump in the rocket to survive. Goodluck.Features:
  • More than 50 levels to complete!
  • Over 10 types of planets to discover!
  • Try to speedrun against friends or strangers online with the speedrun mode!
  • Make your own levels or play levels of others!
  • Don't forget to breathe, otherwise you will DIE...
Story:Congratulations!! You have been chosen for a FREE journey to our new colony on a faraway planet! A place where dreams come true (that is if you make it)! While your on your way to the colony be sure to make frequent stops through space and you probably need to collect more fuel!

More information coming soon...