Onimusha 3 is a third person action adventure game set in ancient feudal Japan and modern day Paris. Akechi Samanosuke makes a breathtaking return to the Onimusha universe as he takes his place alongside his partner through time French Cop, Jacques Blanc. Once again the part of Samanosuke is played by famed Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro with the exciting news that his co star is to be played by Gallic action hero Jean Reno. Nobunaga the vicious warlord behind the Genma hoards of the first two titles is back and more powerful than ever with a host of demonic creatures bent on the destruction of all things honourable and pure at his command. The game is a graphical masterpiece with scenery that has to be seen to be believed and in a bold step forwards, environments are now fully 3D without any loss of the detail attained in the previous pre rendered games. This combined with an improved control mechanism and finely tuned gameplay makes Onimusha 3 one of the smoothest most immersive video game experiences on Playstation 2.

Who has designed the game?

Keiji Inafune, the mind behind the first two titles in the Onimusha series returns with one of the most aesthetically beautiful games ever created. With Playstation 2 hardware now fully into the show casing stage of its development life cycle, the Osaka based development team has been able to take the overall graphical style of Onimusha 3 to the next level. The control system has been overhauled to allow players to control their hero with the left analogue stick for the first time. This new development allows for smoother and quicker action when exploring the many locations within the game. Battles are as intense as ever with more weapons and magic at the players disposal than ever before. Inafune san has blended an exhilarating mix of classic puzzle game-play with an epic cinematic feel to create one of the most atmospherically absorbing titles ever to grace a games console.

Inafune san's goal was to make an adventure that would appeal to Western gamers as much as it would to Japanese. The move to modern day France and the introduction of Jean Reno as a central character can be seen as a direct result of this. The team hope that with the inclusion of familiar territory and landmarks that the Onimusha universe will gain an even wider fan base among western gamers.