In the distant future, a search for your missing brother leads you on a journey through an interplanetary civilization that may have reached the limits of progress. Following clues that point to groups who want to return to living like early humans, the imminent end of money, a seemingly mythical planet, and the galaxy's only android, your path takes you onward, towards the edge of the inhabited galaxy.

Obreno is an experimental game/novel from Out Of Time Interactive that aims to blend a book-like reading experience with interactive, visual, and audio elements to create a new kind of narrative medium.

What currently exists is a (mostly non-interactive) prologue then first chapter, out of five chapters. The remaining chapters are not currently in development, though it's possible that could change. You may find some clues as to possible content of these non-existent chapters.

There is some information on how you can hear about any updates on Obreno or other works in a similar format at the website link to the right.