Year 2545.

Oscar, Beta, Echo and November, are the four participants of the Copernicus space tournament, a tournament invented by them one night of celebration. They will compete throughout the galaxy to see who is the best.

There are no rules and advancing faster doesn't guarantee you victory, they don't compete to get clothes or nice objects, the important thing is the skill!


O.B.E.N. is a competitive multiplayer game for up to four players where only one can win. It competes against your friends in different scenarios, you can dedicate yourself to bother them or to win. Each scenario has a very different way of playing and it will not be easy to reach the end.

The idea is simple, each scenario is divided into zones, when a player reaches a zone, the other players will appear near him, so nobody will get bored, so going faster does not guarantee you the victory.

At the end of each level there is a cup, only one of the four participants can get it and with it you will get the victory.

In OBEN each game will be different, each level is a small journey full of traps and deaths, everyone has the same opportunities and the one who shows more skill will win.

There are currently four levels:

- Climbing.
- In the heights.
- Night falls.
- The cage.

More will be added.