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You overthink about a movie over and over again?
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__________HELLO WORLD!Welcome to the steam page of Nostalgici Anonimi an Italian episodic visual novel where dialogue and listening are your only weapons.
In this game the protagonist is you! Your choices will determine the course of events and lead to different endings.

Nostalgici Anonimi is set in a dystopian future where emotions and old narrations are considered a disease.
To help recover from this illness the government has created the program Nostalgici Anonimi.

Your story will begin in the classroom of the Nostalgici Anonimi program. Here Angel the android lead the therapeutic journey of three teenagers who are suffering from the nostalgia disease. They love past narrations and Angel wants to stop this and turn them in good citizens.

And this where your journey starts.

Will you help Angel or the teenagers?
Will you be able to come back to the present?

What are you waiting for? Sign up to the Nostalgici Anonimi program now!

The game in Italian only. We are planning to translate in English when the game is complete. If you want to help us translate the game (and you know Twine) contact us using our email address.

Nostalgici Anonimi is going to be written with you! Between each episode we will hear your feedback and see the choices you made. Those elements will help us write a story together with you!

Nostalgici Anonimi will be released in Early access during the course of 2021.
We plan to release 7 chapters as updates following this schedule:

Chapter 1 Early 2021

Chapter 2 February/March 2021

Chapter 3 April/May 2021

Chapter 4 TBD

Chapter 5 TBD

Chapter 6 TBD

Chapter 7 End of 2021

__________MADE WITH CARE
To honestly represent themes and problematics lived by the teenagers in our society, Nostalgici Anonimi is realized thanks to the support of “Fondazione Mite” and consulting a team of psychologist from “Istituto Di Ortofonologia”. You can find their email in the page info.
Game Director, Game Designer and Writer: Jacopo Mascolini
Game Artist: Ilaria Treppiccioni
Programmer: David Burioni
Music & VFX: Federico Bianchi
Narrative & Psychology consultant: Mauro Giulietti
Gameplay consultant: Giorgio Aniello